No worries, MaxxLite LED Signs are easy to troubleshoot.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what is wrong with your outdoor LED sign.  

The good news is that most issues are easily corrected just by knowing what the root cause or issue is.

Remember that MaxxLite LED Signs is here to assist you with any issue you may have to make sure that your Outdoor LED Sign is running smoothly and performing at it's peak level.


It is important to understand that the following review may vary from your specific display screen size, resolution, configuration and layout.  Although there will be variation, the overall concept and instructions will be fairly similar.  Anytime additional support is required, reach out to MaxxLite LED Signs to help you with your issue.

Warning: All Electrical Service must be performed by an authorized licenced  electrician or technician.  Working within an LED display without proper precautions can cause damage to the display, injury or death due to electric shock to someone not taking proper precautions.  Power display off while performing any service and only power back on to view results.  Be sure to use proper grounding techniques to avoid electric and static charge to the internal components.   

Basic Checklist

Display if Off / Blank

Display if Off / Blank

Display if Off / Blank


Is your display getting appropriate power?  It is critical to verify that the input power is proper & not under delivering, proper grounding is provided.

Also check:

1. Playlist is sent properly

2. Side one and side two are included

3. File being sent is not corrupt

4. Screen setting not changed

Many times you can open an older playlist to send to verify that the playlist is not the issue.

Unable to Communicate

Display if Off / Blank

Display if Off / Blank


Several reasons cause your computer to not communicate with the display.  Most times this is corrected by powering off the sign for 30 seconds & powering back on from the main panel. 

Also check:

1. Is your sign turned on

2. Has computer IP address changed

3. Is there a conflict with your wifi IP

4. Transmitter faulty, check indicator lights

5. Software settings changed 

One Side Working

Display if Off / Blank

One Side Working


On a double sided display, if the second side is not working, many times it is the playlist configuration.  You can test by opening an older playlist that has worked and try to send to see if this corrects the issue.

Also check:

1. Proper power to second side

2. Is network jumper cable damaged

3. Is the playlist properly formatted

4. Any damage to the receiving cards

Screen Issues


Full working screen

This image illustrates a fully working screen.  Also showing the Modules, Ribbon Jumpers between each Module, the Receiving Hub Card, and the Main Ribbons from the Receiving Hub Card to the starting Modules.

This configuration is typical of all LED displays.  There may be additional components and left right justification might also be reversed.  This illustration should help you understand the order. 


Potential Issue 1

Illustration shows 4 modules not working.  

A. First check the Flat Ribbon Jumper wire between modules R2C4 & R2C5.  Make sure it is seated properly.  Replace the ribbon wire to be sure.

B. Make sure Module R2C5 is receiving proper power. Correct power must be between 4.6V and 5.4V for the module to work properly.

C. Exchange module R2C4 with R2C8.  If this corrects the issue, module R2C4  has a bad output and placing it at the end solves the issue.

D. Exchange module R2C5 with R2C8.  If this pushes the issue to the end, module has a bad input and must be replaced.


Potential Issue 2

Illustration shows an entire section not working.

This is a good indication that this is a power issue.

1. Verify power to power supply is 110V.

2. Verify all leads coming to the power supply are properly seated.

3. Power supply output must read between 4.6V and 5.4V.  Verify all leads are crimped properly and there are no loose connections.

4. If the output is reading very low, replace the power supply.

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