The MaxxLite LED Sign Advantage

With today's technology and access to information, you have many options when it comes to LED signs.


The MaxxLite Advantage

  • True outdoor technology: Our displays are designed and engineered for the harshest conditions. From extreme temperatures, brightness, clarity, moisture and more. Reliability is critical and our displays are manufactured to be reliable and trouble-free.

  • High brightens and high resolution: Our displays are offered in high 13mm and super high 10mm standards with 10,000 Nit brightness output to compete with sunlight.

  • Premium Cabinets: Our complete in-house engineered and fabricated world class high grade cabinets are all aluminum to withstand corrosion, manage heat, maintain a light weight and look elegant.

  • Serviceability: All of our display modules are front serviceable, all components are easily accessible and interchangeable, making service quick if necessary.  

  • MaxxLite's parent company has been in the sign industry in Michigan since 1976. MaxxLite was born from a necessity to deliver higher quality LED sign at a much lower and affordable price. 

  • Backed by an industry 5 year part warranty, you can by American Made MaxxLite LED Sign with confidence.

  • We offer honest sizing and details with no hidden or altered details and dimensions. All of our standard sizes are published online for easy understanding and application.

  • Our pricing is readily available online for you to view 24 hours a day. Helping you to make your purchasing decision without pressure or delay and access to a variety of options.

  • Our MaxxLite display come with a Laptop that is preconfigured with all of the software needed to enhance your LED sign content. The playlist program is a powerful tool that is easy to use. There is a very short learning curve with the MaxxLite software. Every feature you will ever need is included in the software packaged, from design to publishing.

  • Training is always a call, a click, a video, or a remote connect away. We want your experience to be a positive one, so we take the necessary steps to offer you every opportunity to connect with us at any time. 

  • All LED sign worldwide have issues that arise. The biggest issue is communication between the display and your computer. MaxxLite has been a leader in bridging the communication issues. With the MaxxLite Global Cellular Plan, you are never disconnected. Your display is running 24 hours a day, you should have access to it 24 hours a day. With our system, you can upload content to your display from anywhere in the world with a simple wifi connection, Enjoy!

  • Oh Yah, did we mention color? What will you display with your 281 Trillion Color MaxxLite LED Sign!