Easy to use


Software must be easy to use and comprehend.  Making additions and changes should be simple not not time consuming. 



Software that is powerful enough to enhance your display experience and performance with simple to use professional features.  

Customized to your needs


Must displays are unique to your needs and application.  Your software playlist and design features should serve your specific needs.

MaxxLite LED Software Features

Playlist Development

A key feature of any LED Sign Software is the flexibility and ease of use of the software.  MaxxLite offers a powerful platform designed to keep you productive, and makes Programming LED Signs effortless. 

Import content

Import content to create your playlist

File Formats:

bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, wmf

emf, ico, doc, Real Media

swf, txt, avi, wmv


Boarder Frames

Overlay and Scrolling Text

Time Display

Video w/ Audio Output

Preview Playback

Worldwide Publish

Upload your playlist to

your display by

Direct Network

Wireless Access Point

Internet Connection

Worldwide Via FTP

Simple Scheduling

Brightness Control Via software and light sensor as required by most municipalities. 

On/Off & Programming Scheduling.

Manage Your Content

Entrance & Exit Effects

Transition Timing

Display Timing

Create Multiple

Windows & Routines

Download MaxxLite 3.1.56 - MaxxLite LED Sign Software


Be sure to extract the file to C: drive and copy MaxxLite Shortcut to your desktop.

Training Videos and More can be found on our "How to" page.

Updating and Uploading Your Playlist

Working with your existing playlist 

Create Content For your LED Sign

Basic step by step instructions on LED content design

Creating and Uploading a Playlist

 Creating and Uploading a Playlist 

Brightness and On / OFF Timing and Settings

Brightness and On / OFF Timing

Basic Features

 Basic Features 

Wireless Connection to the LED Sign

 Wireless Connection to the LED Sign 

Scrolling Text

 Scrolling Text 

Changing Control Card IP Address

 Changing Control Card IP Address

MaxxLite XMPlayer

Still using MaxxLite's XMPlayer  No problem, here's a video on how to use it.