What type of LED sign works best for you?
LED Sign Pitch, Resolution of an LED Sign

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Pixel Resolution of an LED sign

What you need to know about LED signs

Understanding what you expect and how you will use your LED sign will help you make the right size and resolution selection.  Is the placement in heave traffic, near or far from the road, do you plan to display mostly images, text or video? Will you be using an existing sign structure, or will a new structure be required?  Will a single or double sided LED sign serve you best? Understanding these and other factors such as locale ordinances will help you make the best LED sign selection. 

The perfect pitch


The pixel pitch is basically the resolution of the LED sign.    

The tighter the pitch, the higher the resolution. For example a 10mm resolution LED screen will have better picture clarity than a 20mm resolution LED screen.  The pitch in mm is describing how far apart each pixel is separated from another pixel.  10mm (.39") pixels are closer together than 20mm (.79") pixels. 

Best distance to view an LED sign

The higher the resolution the closer the viewing distance can be.  A good method to estimate best viewing distance in feet is to take the resolution pitch in mm and multiply that 3.3.  For example a 10mm screen, you would multiply 10 x 3.3, which gives you about 33 feet for viewing distance.  20mm would result in 66 feet for ideal viewing distance.