MaxxLite Global Cellular Service

MaxxLite Global Cellular Service

  • Cellular communication data package and equipment included with a qualified purchase of a new MaxxLite LED Sign.

  • MaxxLite Global Cellular System cuts the direct connect wifi and direct connect wired connection between the programmable LED display and your laptop or computer. 

  • With our secure server ftp network, clients can manage their display content from anywhere in the world via simple internet connection. 

  • Control a single location or a network of locations simultaneously. 

  • You have a display working for you 24 hours a day. Why not have access to it 24 hours a day. No need to be tied down to your location to upload content to your LED sign. No need to have to remote connect to a local PC to manage the content. 

  • No worries about lost wifi or network outages at the display site. With the MaxxLite Cellular System, the display does all the work. You simply create the content playlist and transmit to your private ftp folder and the display will retrieve the content once it sees the change.

Works seamlessly with new & existing MaxxLite LED signs

Don't have one of our quality MaxxLite LED Signs? No problem, our network can support nearly any display system.  

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New Displays Service

Equipment, Setup and Two Years of Cellular Service


Upgrade Existing to Cellular

Equipment, Setup and One Year of Cellular Service


Partner Brand Upgrade

 Equipment, Setup and One Year of Cellular Service


Monthly Cellular Service

$35 / Month

Content Services

$25 / Content Slide

Custom Services

$250 / Hr