LED Sign Services

LED Sign Services


Selecting the Resolution for your LED Sign    

The smaller the Pitch (Resolution in "mm") the higher the clarity

All Options are Full Color TEXT, Graphics and Video

LED Sign Services

Pixels Per SqFt:  10MM = 929  |  16MM = 363  |  20MM = 232

High-resolution 10mm displays are ideal for high pedestrian or vehicle traffic where crisp graphic quality will offer greater visual impact.

- - - -

16mm displays are midrange resolution and display quality text, graphics and video that will enhance any business application.


LED Sign Services


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LED Sign Services

LED Sign Services

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Simple & Complex Text

LED Sign Services

Full Color Graphics

LED Sign Services

Video and Flash Files

LED Sign Services


20MM = 232 PIXELS / SQFT

16MM = 363 PIXELS / SQFT

10MM = 929 PIXELS / SQFT

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